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How much they grow

standard July 17, 2006 Leave a response

As I sat in the hustle and bustle of the mall food court today I looked at my darling baby and her little friend D. D is 6 weeks younger than C. He is one of the friends leaving the Bay Area for good. I watched the two of them eat their lunch and interact with each other. His mother, H, and I are close friends. We shared the ups and downs of pregnancy, we shared the trials and tribulations of the early days, we’ve been together through C and D’s first year.

At first they were just little helpless beings, and we were novice moms. We were all learning together, the babies learning how to get along in the world, H and I learning how to be the best moms we could be. As they grew, I’ll admit, we had some issues with competitiveness and jealousy. She had no trouble breastfeeding her son and I often bore the brunt of some drive by comments from her. She’s a huge germophobe and had to deal with snide comments about that.

Now our children are no longer babies. They have lost their baby faces. They communicate with us with grunt and words rather than with cries. They move on their own and they want to try to do everything by themselves. We’ve grown too. As our mommy skills have grown our insecurities have diminished and with them the need to size each other up and judge each other’s actions.

C and D chased each other all over the Victoria’s Secre*t changing rooms, darting into one cabin and out another, giggling hysterically the whole time. They each have a way of saying the other’s name that will melt your heart. They are finally really playing together.

I watch them and think to myself that it’s amazing how much change can occur in just one short year. Before you have kids a year can go by in a blink of an eye. After you have kids, it’s still a blink of an eye, but you have something tangible to show you how much can change, grow and learn in that blink.

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