First goal – check!

standard July 1, 2006 1 response

A long while back when the baby weight stopped falling off I had to steel myself and give myself some goals to motivate me to loose the rest of the weight. My first goal was to be at my prepregnancy weight by my one year OBGYN check-up. My second goal was to wear my cute size 6 dress to our friend’s wedding in Hawaii on September 3rd.

This morning I had my check-up. I am proud to say that my first goal was met. (well… almost…. ok, fine I’m still 2.6lbs away, but come on!) The doctor was kind enough to say that I looked fantastic. She really wants the return business… (She did put me back on pre-natal vitamins for that very reason. It was hard to say who was more excited at the thought of me trying to get pregnant in the fall.)

I’m still hopeful for the next goal. Now that it looks as though we will be going to Hawaii after all my motivation seems to be back. I shall keep exercising every morning (thank you Denise!) and doing my best to eat well. With luck that will be enough for me to shed the last 7 or 8lbs. Send good vibes. And chocolate… (no no, chocolate baaaaaddddd… especially when it surrounds cute little gummy bears….)

ps. Check out my latest post at SV moms, it should be up in the morning.

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  • Yay! We should plan an evening walk once a week or so!! Maybe on the Los Gatos Creek Trail.. I’d love that!! So would my dog!

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