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Carousing with an old friend

standard July 30, 2006 1 response

This weekend M, C and I are carousing with an old old school friend of mine, A. We haven’t seen her in almost 6 years and we are truly enjoying catching up with her.
We’ve had two fun nights of drinking wine and looking at old photos and laughing and reminiscing. (We even burned some old photos of a heinus past boyfriend. I thought I’d destroyed them all years ago, but it seems I’d missed a couple.)

Today we took A to see the winery where we got married. She got to taste some of the wine that we served that day and see the beauty of the place. It was our last stop after a long day of visiting local sights, eating yummy lunch and doing some quick shopping. We were about to leave the winery when I realized that C had pooped for the third time. I thought for sure that I had at least one last diaper somewhere in the car so we trooped back there hoping against hope to avoid a stinky ride home. Nothing. No diaper in any of the three diaper bags I have in the car. (And Karen thinks that owning four diaper bags is a lot, ha!) No diapers lying under the seats. No diaper in the trunk. Nothing except a bag of swim diapers (great for holding in poop, not very usefull when it comes to pipi). So I did what any inventive mom would do. I thanked my incredible ability to never clean out my car, grabbed a cloth diaper burp cloth that had been in there for months (clean!) and I used the swim diaper to hold it in place. We rushed home and I managed to put a real diaper on C before she pooped AGAIN!

So here’s another fun parenting tip…. Figure out how many diapers you need for a day out and then grab an extra handful… just in case!

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1 response

  • I’m so glad you had such a great weekend! Sounds like fun (except for the whole diaper fiasco..of course!).

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