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The hunt is on!

standard June 18, 2006 5 responses

Instead of sitting around lamenting the fact that three of my friends are leaving (have I whined about that enough yet?) I’ve decided to get off my duff and try to meet some new people.
The other day I attended a playgroup which didn’t go so well. I didn’t really click with anyone.
This morning I attended a new playgroup. This one went much better. There were 5 very nice women with sweet kids all close to C in age. Despite the fact that all of the moms were older than me we had a good time. I’ll definitely be going back.

This evening we attended a BBQ with a different group. This was a group of parents of young(ish) children from our synagogue. This event didn’t go so well. The people were very different and we didn’t really click with anyone. There were 6 couples there with their kids. One of the kids was a little younger than C and the others were almost 3 and up. Despite the fact that most of the men there were lawyers we just didn’t have much in common with anyone.
On top of that one of the women really got my goat. I mentioned in passing that C had been on formula, and we started talking about the government pro-breast feeding adds. One person joked that soon there would be warning labels on formula. As we were all laughing about this the annoying woman commented that it would be good to have labels on formula cans that say something to the effect of “Breast feeding is the better option when it comes to feeding infants”. I said that the people who didn’t already know this weren’t the types who read warning labels. She pursued her point and said that people should know, because it was true. It just bugged me. We were in a relatively newly formed group. There was no way for her to know who had or had not breastfed their child. There was no way for her to know who had or had not tried. The others tried to help, but I was already done with her. I know it’s crazy, but I expect more openmindedness from the people around here. This is a very liberal, affluent area. There are few young parents. Many people have a lot of trouble conceiving. I just assumed that people were more open minded about the breastfeeding vs. formula feeding issues. Guess I was wrong again.

So the hunt for friends continues. We probably won’t join this last group, but at least I found a nice playgroup. I already have a book club. Any other thoughts of how to scare up some friends?

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5 responses

  • Okay, so short of completely stalking you I’ve checked out your blog. I’m also in the Bay area (though I have no clue what area you are actually in..I’m in San Jose, near Campbell/Willow Glen) and in desperate need of some friends closer to my own age! I also think it would be so fun for Grace to have a little girlfriend her age. I think they are just a couple weeks apart! I’m going on 28 and my husband works for Yahoo!.. I’d love to chat with you some.. perhaps you can email me. azholiday at gmail dot com. If you’d like you could check out my blog too, http://www.icemycake.com I really hope to hear from you. Yeah. I told you..I’m desperate.

  • leah@acetra.net

    So I am 30 and started a sub-club of PAMP called “young moms” with some other chicks. I think we had 7 members. When that clearly failed, we started a new club called “martini moms.” After spending a year begging chicks to go out and hoping to find some moms born in the ’70s, I gave up and handed it over to someone else. I saw your post on svmoms and didn’t want to post this there, so I guess I am stalking you too. After living in Palo Alto for 7 years and having 2 boys whilst in my 20s, I’ve just learned to have a few friends here and there that I’ve found via kids. My best pals live all over the country and we just chat on the phone 100 times a day and visit as much as we can. The moms around here mean well but there is something to be said for the generation gap. To top it off, everyone you meet wants to get the hell out of here because #1) they don’t have family around to help them raise their family or #2) they can’t buy a house. Hang in there and it’ll come. This sounds depressing. Sorry.

  • leah@acetra.net

    PS – I never breastfed a day in my life, by choice, and it took two years not to feel like a heretic.

  • No worries Leah! It’s not depressing, but it does confirm what I thought. I’m going to have to find “young” moms one by one, instead of finding a ready made group! lol.

    I would have joined the Young Moms group, but, and this is ironic, I always thought I was too old to join! lol.

  • leah@acetra.net

    We felt a bit lame calling it Young Moms, but relatively speaking, it was true. I don’t think that it exists anymore though. Good luck on your quest.

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