The dark side of motherhood

standard June 20, 2006 2 responses

Sometimes being a mom is tough. Sometimes you have to be the grownup and it’s not so fun.
A few weeks back C had a really bad UTI. Her pediatrician is taking a no kidding around approach to this and sent us to have a VCUG test.
We went in Monday to have the test done. C was a trouper the whole time. She let the tech take the first X-Ray without any problems. She was fine as I undressed her and then she started to not have fun any more. The catheterizing sucked. The nurse had a lot of trouble getting it in and two of us had to hold her down. Once it was in we had to keep holding her down so that she wouldn’t pull it out. The doctor came in a slowly started to explain the procedure. I wanted to kick the guy, or I don’t know, shake him.
“Hello, don’t mean to be rude, but I’m kind of holding down my extremely upset young daughter and if we could get a move on that would be lovely, thanks.”
I managed to keep my cool and he started the test.
It was really tough. C was really mad and screamed the whole time, taking short breaks to cuddle with the doggy before screaming some more. By the end I felt like I’d been through the wringer.
The doctor left quickly at the end, but not before letting me know that he didn’t see any signs of reflux.
The tech kept telling me what a good job I’d done. That some moms aren’t ‘strong’ enough and it just makes it worse.
Sometimes being a mom means having to be the grown-up and doing the scary stuff without flinching.
Sometimes that really really sucks.

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2 responses

  • A mom watching her child go through medical procedures is horrifying, it tears you up inside.
    I hope all is well with C.
    I enjoyed visiting your blog. Great writing!

  • Oh my gosh! I nearly cried thinking about poor C going through that!! Oh man.. I’m glad to hear that there was no reflux though!

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