Saying Goodbye

standard June 3, 2006 1 response

Tonight was the big “saying goodbye to S” event at work. We all gathered together to pay homage to the rabbi who is leaving us in three weeks.
It sucked. She’s my friend and I’m going to miss her. lots.
I had to give a speech, which I totally rocked. I made everyone laugh and I didn’t shed more than a tear or two at the end.
It is actually a little worrysome how little I have cried so far. Three of my closest friends are leaving in the next few weeks. The first one leaves on Thursday. Shouldn’t I be crying yet?
Maybe working in a synagogue has dulled my senses too much. (God I hope not.)

On a totally different note:
Last weekend when we cleaned out the garage we came face to face with my poor bicycle. We bought mine and M’s bikes from ToysRus three years ago. We spend some $45 bucks on each bike. As M’s bike fell apart we slowly pillaged my bike for parts to keep his in working order (he bikes to school). My poor bike was missing a back wheel. The chain was all tangled up and it just looked sad and forlorn sitting there.
We decided that if we put it outside someone was bound to take it, if not to give it a loving home, at least to use it for spare parts.
For a few days it just sat there, looking at us reproachfully through the kitchen window.
On Monday M came to find me as I was about to step into the shower. He led me into the kitchen and asked me if I’d done anything to the bike before going to bed. I looked at him as though he was totally out of his mind and turned my head to see what he was pointing at.

Somebody FIXED the bike during the night and left it for us to find in the morning. What does that say about our neighborhood?

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  • Well, if that doesn’t renew your faith in humanity, I don’t know what will. How very kind. 🙂

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