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One gone two to go

standard June 8, 2006 1 response

I wish we could fast forward the next few weeks so that this would be more like ripping off a bandaid rather than the slow peel off that this is.
Friend #1 is leaving in the morning. I went by to say goodbye this afternoon.
Friend #2 is packing up her office frenetically. The goodbye service/party on Friday seems to have given her the mental impetus to get going. She asked me if it was PMS that was making me moody… uh no, that would be watching my close friends packing up to move far far away.
Friend #3 is shopping like there is nothing worth buying in the country she is going home too. All of the packages are coming to the office.
The over all feeling is one of people excited to be getting on with their lives.
I’m feeling sad and left behind. When they leave things won’t be cool and new for me. In fact they stand to be way way worse than they were before. Yay me!

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1 response

  • I’m so sorry. I fell so out of touch with the synogogue and you of course. When Judith and Eric left, I felt their loss like a huge hole in my life. Since this is that times 3 for you, I can only sympethize. Maybe we should try to plan a get together/playdate??? In true bay area style, I have July wide open.

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