I think I need a handy dandy notebook

standard June 15, 2006 1 response

During the day I come up with tons of things I really want to blog about, but by the time I have my tush on my couch and I rev up the laptop all of those nifty ideas have flown the coop. I think I need a handy dandy notebook to write down all my thoughts, fun conversations and other thrilling tidbits that I want to share with all of you.

In the meantime I shall regale you with fun C stories.
She’s reached a very fun (read harrowing) stage where she wants to do a lot more than she can. Tonight she wanted to drink from a cup “big girl” style. The other Chili’s patrons shot me dirty looks when I laughed out loud as she gave herself ice cold shower after ice cold shower.

She now refers to everything as “dat” despite the fact that she knows the words to many of the things she wants. This morning when M pulled her out of her crib, she pointed to me and said “dat”. It warms the heart, truly.

She usually knows what she is supposed to be doing. After I put her to bed at night she often plays for a while with her stuffed toys. I usually let her play for a few minutes and then go and re-tuck her in. When I go into her room she pretends to be sleeping. She either dives into prime sleep position or she just lays where she is. She closes her eyes and scrunches up her face in what I assume she thinks is her sleeping face. A minute later she cracks up. It’s hard to not laugh too.

She has started to pretend. It’s so cute. The other day she was drinking from a sippy cup in her car seat. She was making funny noises so I looked back at her. She was taking a few sips herself and then holding the sippy cup spout to her stuffed doggy’s “mouth” and making sucking noises. After he’d had a few “sips” she would drink some more herself.
In the same vein she also likes to feed herself and to feed the person sitting with her. She puts some food on the spoon or fork and holds it up to your mouth. She doesn’t need you to really eat as long as you make eating noises.

We had dinner at the mall the other day. While we waited for our table I took C to Stride Rite to see about getting her some shoes. When we got there they had just closed and locked the doors. C crawled over to the doors and pulled herself to standing. She rested her head against the glass and pounded on the door with both hands. The kid’s never had shoes before, but she knows, she knows.
I went back on the following day and got her her first pair of shoes.

When did my baby get so big?

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