I heart my bookclub

standard June 22, 2006 1 response

20 some women, all moms, all smart, all who love books.
We are all busy, we take care of many others, we run errands, fix dinner, heal ouchies, soothe crying babes. Once a month we all stop that mad race and spend two hours together chatting about our kids, about our lives, and most importantly, about the book of the month.
I look forward to this event like you wouldn’t believe. M drives up to my office to get my car. He picks up C from daycare and I am FREE FREE FREE for a few precious hours.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but those few hours once a month are like gold. Especially this summer when M is spending so much time studying.

All of these women walk to the same beat as I do. Every spare second of the day is devoted to books. And although none of them socialize outside of bookclub, I know they all look forward to these evenings with as much excitement as I do.

Which is why I hope to be forgiven for the following exchange.
M: I’m sick. I have a cold. I feel awful.
Me: I’m sorry, have you taken some medicine? (I’m still going to bookclub)
M: No, I don’t want to be too drowsy to study. I still have two hours of homework to do.
Me: I’m sorry, that sucks. (I’m still going to bookclub.) You’ll have to put the baby to bed early.
M: You know that never works.
Me: That sucks. I’m sorry. (I’m still going to bookclub.)
M: Moan
Me: Well, gotta get back to work. See you at 5.

C didn’t go to bed until 8:30.
M didn’t get his two hours of homework done.
I enjoyed my bookclub thouroughly.
His revenge? He’s already snoring loud enough to wake the dead.
I can’t win…

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  • Hi there,

    I come to you via Crazy Hip Blog Mamas.

    You have a great place here.

    Being Library Mama, I especially loved this entry about your book club. 🙂 I’m really impressed that you held firm and went to your book club despite the guilt tactics coming from “the dark side’. 🙂

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