Cheating on the plan…

standard June 28, 2006 1 response

Now that my new buddy has hyped my meal plan, I felt silly tonight when we cheated on it for the second or third time in the last three weeks. It’s been tough to keep to the plan, not because we aren’t excited about what’s on the menu, but because of everything that has been going on. I’ve been sad and stressed and M has been studying hard. When I get home he’s often itching to get out of the house, and I’m a pushover these days.

On a good note, tonight we went to Chili’s, and although I ordered a bacon cheese burger I did manage to eat just half of it. And C? When faced with the choice to eat a fry or help me eat my salad, she chose the salad and dove in with both hands. It was messy, but very entertaining!

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1 response

  • Hey, I hear you. Believe me.. Right now I’m actually on an “up cycle” where I feel like I have everything under control ..well, with the exception of the house…which could be neater..hehe. But seriously.. even if it’s not stuck to 100% of the’s still a serious time saver. I already have next weeks menu planned too!! You’re my hero, cheats or not.

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