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When oh when will we take the one year pictures?

standard May 22, 2006 1 response

They say that sweet attracts sweet. If you have a piece of candy, you need to have another, and another, and another… etc, until you get a little green around the gills.

I’ve come to the conclusion that visits to the pediatrician’s works the same way.

We spent a nice four months not needing to go see the nice doctors with the germ infested waiting rooms. Sadly last week our visit free streak came to an end.
After three days of 101/102F, I bit the bullet and called the doc. The fever was the only symptom that she had. The verdict came back in a few days, UTI with an eColi bacteria strain. A round of antibiotics and we were good.
Then on Friday we went in for C’s 1 year check-up. (She’s thriving and perfectly average.) She got three not so fun shots and we were off.
On Saturday one of her thighs started to look a little rashy. This morning we looked on horrified as each layer of clothing removed showed more and more red bumps. We called the grandparents in a panic, realizing that we would be lynched if we brought her to Sunday School with us. Tonight there is more rash than healthy skin. (It’s all over her face. She looks like a poxy raccoon.)
There are no other symptoms except for a moderate fever and very mild itchiness. The doctor wasn’t too worried even though this doesn’t really follow the usual post vaccine reaction. I, on the other hand, am more worried.
I distinctly recall another, very similar, rash earlier in the year. I have a hunch that it was also related to a vaccine. It was not as spread out or as bad. I think it appeared later after the vaccines, but I think that it’s uncanny enough to warrant investigation. Being allergic to a vaccine component would be bad, not knowing might be worse.
So what does this mean?
It means that tomorrow we get to have a third visit to the pediatricians.
Heck, that’s only three in 10 days… (until she touches something in the waiting room…)

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1 response

  • It comes in waves. This fall we literally saw the pediatrician every week for about 8 weeks, it was crazy! Now, it has been almost 2 months.

    I hope that C feels better soon – I am sure that rash is scary to you, even if it is harmless. I know I’d be freaked.

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