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Tired of being sad

standard May 12, 2006 1 response

I am a very optimistic person. Some people are annoyed by my Poliana attitude. But these days it’s hard to find the silver lining. And I’m tired of being sad. Really really tired. Unfortunately I don’t see an end to it.

I’m tired of the dying babies. Two in one year is two too many.
I’m tired of the craziness at work. There are EIGHT people leaving this month. We are a small group, there are only 30 of us total, not all full timers. The transition is tough. Some people are a little bit too excited about the departure of others. It’s a tad uncomfortable. I am very close to three of the people leaving and I am sad to see them go. One of them is a very close friend. I am really sad to see her go.

I feel mired in the sadness and I see no way out. There’s not much to look forward to.
The summer will be long. M starts Bar preparation classes in a week.
We are supposed to go to Hawaii for a friend’s wedding in the fall, but with M not working for the next three months, it’s unclear whether we’ll be able to go.
I had hoped to be able to stop working when M found a job, but although he has had two offers (and for that I am incredibly grateful) is seems as though he won’t be getting paid as much as we had hoped. If we want to keep C in daycare, and we do because she loves it, I have to keep working full time.

OK. Enough whining. Off to take care of the sick baby. Turns out it might be a UTI.
Geez…It’s no surprise I have so few readers!

How do you keep going when the going gets tough?

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1 response

  • I don’t know about you, but for me, uncertainty depresses me. Not knowing what is going to happen, and it sounds like a lot of things are on hold for you right now.

    You never know, your husband may get a great job offer, you’ll get to go to Hawaii, and they might hire some really great people for you to work with.

    For me, it’s hard to feel like I’m not in control of my own life.

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