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The menu plan

standard May 15, 2006 1 response

I almost cried the day C outgrew her infant car seat. It wasn’t so much that my baby was growing up, it was more about the loss of convenience. I may have cursed that monstrosity every day I had to haul it into the car, but it sure was handy! (Quick aside: That car seat + baby never weighed less than 20lbs. How do people forget them ON TOP of their cars? How do they even put it on the car in the first place?)
I was sad that I could no longer drive the Honda Accord. (It’s a two door and there was no way to get a rearfacing car seat in there in a way that was manageable.) But mostly I was sad that I could no longer take C to the supermarket after daycare.
At the end of the day C usually falls asleep within 3 minutes of entering the car. Back when she was in the infant carseat it didn’t matter. I could just drag her where I wanted. But when we got the ‘big girl’ car seat those days abruptly ended. Taking a cranky tired child to a crowded supermarket is not exactly the way I like ending a long work day!
So we came up with the Menu Plan and entered the world of (somewhat) organized people. Every Sunday we sit down with the Menu Plan binder and a stack of cookbooks. We go over what we’ve eaten in the past and what we’d like to try. We try to balance it all so that we get a good mix throughout the week. Then I head to the supermarket and do a full week’s shopping.
Ever since we’ve eaten better and enjoyed more relaxed evenings!

How do you keep your family feed and organized?

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1 response

  • Since we have to drive 45 minutes to the closest store of any size (and anything close to reasonable prices), we plan by the week and I make a big shopping list. Since we shop at the same store every week, I’m very organized and I group my list together by aisle. My husband makes fun of me, but he also knows that I can quickly see what we need without having to scan through the entire list. LOL

    I hate that my little one is about to outgrow her infant carseat. I’ve got my fingers crossed that she learns to sit up on her own before she does. 🙂

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