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Nothing worth writing home about…

standard May 31, 2006 1 response

Am I the only ‘new’ mom our there who didn’t feel compelled to write about her first Mother’s Day?
I was going to, but then I got overwhelmed by sadness at the thought of all the moms out there still waiting to hug their babies for the first time, not to forget the moms who can no longer hug their’s close.
I was going to, but really, it was kind of a non-event.
It was a good day, but it was nothing to write home about…

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1 response

  • My daughter was born May 1st. So my first Mothers’ Day came when Grace was only 10 days old. We had people over because my mom was visiting.. I sat on the couch holding my child and looked as though I would attack anyone who came within 3 feet of me. Then about an hour before dinner I left strict instructions that dinner be brought to me in bed and I took my child to my bedroom, and didn’t say goodbye to anyone. That was a Mothers’ Day to write home about.. or maybe just a sign that I was heading for dark waters (otherwise known as sleep deprivation)

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