Date Night

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They tell you that date night is important. They tell you to not neglect your “mate” once you have a baby. Couple time is important, they say.

I was all gung ho. We’ll have weekly date night! Just the two of us! It’ll be great!

Dude, sometimes I’m just happy when we go to bed at the same time!
But this weekend we got our act together.
After a few false starts we actually went to the movies! (We bought the tickets at Costco two months ago. As you can see the spirit is willing, it’s the flesh that’s weak.) We got a friend to watch C and we went out just the two of us.

Don’t get me wrong. C has been with sitters before. Each time before it’s been for some family or official function. Each time we’ve gotten into the car and sat for a minute wondering who would care if we just went to the movies. Each time we’ve chickened out. Tonight it was just us!

We went to see X-men (awsome) and had dinner at a nice Mexican place (yummy). We didn’t talk about the baby, we just enjoyed ourselves. It was good, it was really good.

Last time we went on a movie date I was pregnant. It was the first time that I really felt the baby move. We saw The Fantom of the Opera and C boogied to the whole thing.
Clearly we need to do this more often!

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