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Can you kick the universe in the nuts?

standard May 3, 2006 Leave a response

They are taking my friend’s baby off life support this morning. A CT scan yesterday afternoon revealed that she would not be waking up.
I cried all night. I keep bursting into tears today.
It sucks on so many levels and I can’t come to grips with it.
They spent over a year waiting for her, they had to fly to the other side of the world to get her. They brought her home and got to spend 7 months with her.
She just learned to walk.
Her older sister is barely 4.
They are the nicest, most generous people. They spend alot of time doing charity work and helping others. This shouldn’t be happening to them.
I want to rush to the hospital and hug them all all day, but I’m not anywhere nearly a close enough friend for that.
Instead I’m at work. I get to spend the day explaining what happened to everyone who was here last night when the rabbis dropped what they were doing to rush to the hospital to be with the parents. There were a lot of people here last night. There are a lot of people calling.

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