And we have an allergy

standard May 23, 2006 1 response

A long chat with the pediatrician this morning got her worried enough to do a little research. The verdict could be one of three things:
1) C could be allergic to eggs. (There are egg derivatives in most vaccines.) For those wondering how we wouldn’t already know this, we don’t because she thinks that eggs fall into the “eww, gross, icky” category.
2) C could be allergic to the MMP (Mumps) vaccine. I doubt this because she’s had this rash before, but only just had her first dose of MMP.
3) C could be allergic to one of the perservatives used in vaccines.

Our next steps are to test her for egg allergies in the next few months, test to see how many Mumps antibodies she has to see if she really needs the booster and slow down the vaccine schedule so that she doesn’t get three shots at her next check-up.

In the meantime, she looks MUCH better today and goes back to daycare tomorrow.

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