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A full day…

standard May 8, 2006 Leave a response

Today was another full and somewhat exhausting day, but a good one this time.
We started the day at the crack of dawn with the third to last Sunday School session. Before we left the house however we had to do much running around getting stuff ready for the party. The party was taking place in a park near the synagogue so it didn’t make sense to come all the way home and go all the way back.
We were finally ready to go. The car was almost all packed. We were running 20 minutes behind schedule and C was calling to us from her playpen as we ran around like maniacs. As I dashed into the living room to see what she was so chipper about I was assaulted by the stench. It was a doozy of a poopy diaper. Her timing is always impecable!
After the usual Sunday morning program fun, we headed to the store for some last minute things and headed to the park to set up.
It was a gorgeous day, not too warm, not too breezy, just perfect. Our picnic tables were in a nicely shaded area. We got everything set up and I was in the best mood ever, until M dropped the cake I made last night. As this was shortly after he’d let a friend drop the other cake I made last night, I was a tad ticked off. (That might be the understatement of the day… It took me a few hours to get over it. But anyway…)
C had a blast. She rolled around on blankets layed out in the grass. She played with her cousins and friends and lapped up all the attention.

She had some lunch at the beginning of the party.

But when it came to be time for cake she didn’t have as much fun. I don’t really know what I was expecting… she hates things that are gooey or sticky…

As you can see her cousin shared none of her disgust for the cake. In fact the cousin discovered the ultimate way to eat cake: you take the candle with the biggest base (here it was the nice big Elmo candle…) you smoosh it into the icing and lick off the icing from the base, then you put the candle BACK on the cake, smoosh it around some more and lick it again… No one noticed until she had done it three or four times.
In fact her cousin had quite a bit of icing today…

The pressure of having 20 or so adults urging her to taste the cake was a bit much for C. (She doesn’t even like to try new foods with one person watching.) She totally lost her cool and screamed until we rescued her from her high chair.
After that the party slowed down and people drifted away. I wish we’d been able to open presents before everyone left, but C wouldn’t have made it through without another crying jag.
All in all though, it was a great day.

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