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Welcome to toddlerhood

standard April 18, 2006 1 response

With mobility C has also discovered the frustration of not being able to communicate or control her environment. There is way more whining and crying. There is lots of screeching and iritated grunting. (This is usually directed at me because I’ve taken her away from some new and exciting toy. For example: power cords or outlets, the fireplace, a cabinet with either very fragile or heavy things, the laptop, the cat…)
I find it amazing that humans develop in a way that should have ensured that the species be extict after just one generation. Why do babies learn to move before they can potentially understand the danger that surounds them? C loves to pull up onto chairs or the coffee table, but the instant she finds something exciting on the table she lets go so she can look more closely at her find. Each and every time she looks shocked when she hits the ground. Similarily, she is instantly drawn to the most dangerous thing in the room, no matter what it is or where we are. At work? Boy that door jam looks fun to play with! At home? Power cords and outlets! At Grandma’s and Grandpa’s? Look! Fun stairs!
She has turned into this tornado of energy that can’t, or rather won’t, be contained. Overnight my sweet little baby has become a big girl toddler.
But every so often, the tornado slows down and needs a hug, and then I see my sweet angel again.

C – 11 months old today.

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1 response

  • Liam always wants to play with the humidifier in his room. It is the one thing he won’t listen to “No!” with. Other things, he will try, but when I say no sternly, he backs off (crying and whining of course). But he humidifer? It is his quest! Yep, so far the whining has increased with no end in sight!

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