The child, she is mobile

standard April 11, 2006 1 response

Today C figured out how to move forward.
It was about time. She’s going to be 11 months old in a week.
However, we weren’t really ready. You would have laughed to see me running around hiding power cords and choking hazards. (apparently I suck at that. C showed me all the ones I missed. She’s so helpful.)
She’s not crawling. Interestingly enough, she’s doing what I used to do at her age. She sits up and uses her feet and hands to crawl/drag herself around. When I described it to my mom she said that that was how I used to move. I find that amazing.
So far C has inherited her daddy’s blue eyes, and looks.
So far, from me, she has inherited inverted nipples (sorry baby) and the strange sit-crawl.
Wonder what’s next.

I was supposed to go to a going away party for a book club member tonight. Instead I sat home and watched C playing. I sometimes feel that I’m missing it all because I’m taking the time to blink. Tonight I didn’t want to miss anything.

On another note. We decided that by putting away all her toys after she goes to bed we aren’t doing her any favors. So tonight we put them away while she was awake. Presumably, as she gets older we will have her participate. Tonight, not so much:

That’s my baby. Lounging away as her minions work to keep her happy.
(can you see how exausted all the sit-crawling has made her?)

Ps. Last night as I was typing my last entry, I thought of a kick-ass blog topic. I thought to myself that I should start a draft so that I wouldn’t forget what it was about. By the time the draft window was open I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember what it was I wanted to talk about. Does anyone think that I’ll be able to focus again if I get a little sleep tonight?

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  • all mums forget, its part of the plan babies have LOL, shes so cute, sorry i havnt been around, so much happening never any time….

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