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Random thoughts

standard April 21, 2006 Leave a response

I have an icky chest cold which is making it hard to think so, even though I remembered the elusive post from before, it’ll have to wait. In the meantime, here are a few random thoughts…

– Why is it that I spent 11 months OBSESSIVELY putting up the side of C’s crib, but now that she can pull up I keep forgetting?

– Watching the baby pick up a tiny piece of onion that fell on the floor while being transfered from cutting board to frying pan, putting it in her mouth, and eating it is great entertainment. The watering eyes, the offended look, the disgusted look on her face… priceless!
She looks at everything I feed her in her highchair as though it were poison, but if she finds it on the floor it’s fair game. Maybe I should feed her on the floor all the time.

– I saw a job posting that excited me the other day. I hadn’t really thought about getting a new job, but it was nice to be excited at the prospect of a job again. When I took the job that I have now I had been unemployed for 15 months and on the verge of taking a minimum wage position in a daycare. The synagogue offered me the job and I never looked back.
However, it’s been 3 years and I’m not going anywhere. I still have the same position I had back then, and although they pretty much let me do whatever I want, there’s no where really to go. I had hopes that the recent job openings would give me some new opportunitites, but two people have been hired to fill one job and instead I think it’s going to be the opposite. I’m feeling a little dead-end-ish and a little trapped. (Every day someone reminds me of how screwed they would be if I left.)
This job posting made me remember what it’s like to want to work again. So I’m hauling out the old resume and updating it. (shhhh it’s a secret) I don’t think anything will come of it, but never hurts to try.

– I’ve been back on the Weigh*t Watchers bandwagon for a few weeks now and I’m getting closer and closer to my prepregnancy weight. My personal goal is 5lbs below that, but my WW goal is the prepreg weight as that seems to be the easiest weight for me to maintain, I love WW, but I’m cheap and if I stay at “goal” I don’t have to pay for meetings.

– The white chocolate that I’d been denying myself all day is really quite tasty! (I’m counting it, I’m counting it…)

– And last but not least, my dad is going around telling my sisters that I must be awfully mad at my mother if I killed my old blog so that she can’t read what I write anymore. Sure dad, that’s why I flew to the other side of the world to go visit her. Being that delusional must be nice at times.

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