Putting an end to crimes against humanity

standard April 29, 2006 Leave a response

Tomorrow M and I and at least 2000 other people are going to stand on the Golden Gate Bridge and make a stand to protest crimes agains humanity. Although I do notreally believe that by standing on the bridge for an hour we will be saving all the people in Darfur, I at least feel that it’s important to make a statement.
I do not like crowds. I have plenty of other things I could be spending my Sunday doing, but my discomfort seems paltry in comparison to what people in Sudan are undergoing.
To learn more about this event and about Darfur please visit www. ourpledge.org.
Hopefully you’ll see me on the news tomorrow.

(The babe will be spending the day at grandmas. I may be a bleeding heart, but I’m not stupid!)

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