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Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards

standard March 7, 2006 Leave a response

When I started this new and improved blog I swore to myself that I would post every day, or at least every other day. Seems I am GREAT at keeping my resolutions! Not!
It’s because of the darn weaning! As I’ve dropped pumps throughout the day, I’ve also dropped computer time. When I got rid of the 10pm pump, I effectively got rid of prime posting time. Now that the 6pm pump is gone, I’ve also lost prime blog reading time! I knew this whole weaning thing was a bad idea…

I am down to one pump a day, the morning one. I expressed 3.5oz this morning. I don’t think it will take more than a day or two to get to 3 or less. At 2 I’m going cold turkey. Physically this hasn’t been as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. Psychologically it was harder than I thought. It’s hard to change 9 months worth of habits and discipline.

It’s a good thing I have work craziness to keep me busy. My longtime coworker and thorn in my side has finaly been demoted to a position where, hopefully, she can’t make too many mistakes. (as a bonus she has moved out of my office) Her replacement, A, started on Tuesday, and I spent the week trying to teach her everything while also getting my work done. A month ago I had nothing to do. Last week three projects ramped up at the same time. To say that it is a little nuts is a bit understatement.

To recap and expand:
1) New coworker started this week. Old coworker is out of the office getting carpal tunnel surgery therefore I have to teach her everything about where we work and what she is supposed to do. (Did I mention that our supervisor is in the throws of treatment for Melanoma, she’s a little ‘absent’ during all of this and is relying on me to take up the slack.) (Sh that’s a secret)
2) I work in the education office of a synagogue. I am in charge of creating all of the registration materials for the youth religious programs. All of these are mailed on April 15th. I somehow forgot this and started rounding up copy this week, two weeks late.
3) A big Jewish holiday is on Monday. It’s a holiday we take a tad seriously at work and go to a lot of trouble over. Purim is meant to be a crazy mixed up event. We have a carnival for the kids and a play type of thing for the adults. I am a coordinator of this event. Did I mention it’s this Sunday?
4) My mentor and boss has announced that she is leaving (not the same one as above, and shhhh it’s still something of a secret too). She is the only one at work who treats me as an equal and not just as a secretary. The first signs of how things will pan out when she leaves became apparent this week. I may have had a temper tantrum about this at work on Wednesday in front of some key witnesses (and the poor new girl, welcome to the nut house!)
5) In direct response to my tantrum three senior people at work have made it a point to tell me this week that they value me and my opinions and they think that all of these changes are going to be good for me. (Um, I kinda wanted to, um cut back a little in the fall when (if) M gets a job and um you know maybe production of #2 gets underway. Maybe I should think twice before having a hissy fit about not being valued…)
6) The temper tantrum was made as I was heading out the door to go to the dentist for the first of a bunch of fun fun appointments. Yay cavities! Yay root canals! Yay caps!
7) In a totally unrelated oral incident, on Thursday evening I found myself unable to close my mouth. Each time I did so I felt a lot of pain near the right jaw joint. And even if I tried I couldn’t get my teeth to touch. A quick visit to the dentist on Friday (hi again!) indicated that I had, get this, strained a muscle in my jaw! (And NO it was not from giving too many BJs. And NO you aren’t the first to have thought/said it.)
Apparently is was caused by stress… hun! Go figure, I can’t imagine what it could possibly be…

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