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I may have forgotten to mention that we were heading out of town for a week or so… oops!
We headed to Paris for a well deserved bout of R&R. It was also a trip home to see family and friends.

We had a great time, although, really, Paris is not a very child friendly city. The sidewalks are horrendous for strollers and the restaurants are not exactly child ready. No highchairs, no changing tables in the bathrooms etc… But it was worth it to see my mom and my old friends.

Since I seem to have no inspiration whatsoever I’ll just post a few pics of the babe on our trip. (Hopefully when I get over the jetlag a little I’ll be able to be a little more creative.)

C in her little bassinette on the plane:

C in her play park (used to protect her from the 6 dogs at my mother’s house, although I fell in love with the concept imediately!) :

And last, but not least, C dealing with jetlag the best she can… I had just woken her up from a two hour nap and I wouldn’t let her get back to sleep. I know I’m mean… but I have a thing about not getting up at 4am…

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