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Oh the beautiful irony of it

standard March 10, 2006 2 responses

As I sat at work this morning feeding to C the last of the breastmilk, a congregant stood in front of me and explained to me that I didn’t try breastfeeding her for long enough.
I can’t quite get over the irony of this.

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2 responses

  • Ugh – this sucks. I hate when people do that to other people. They don’t think you went through some sort of though process on your decision? There were no emotions involved?

    I had a lot of problems with breastfeeding. It is a long story but the thrust is I stopped when LM was 3 months old because he couldn’t latch, my milk suplly sucked, and I was pumping every 2 hours with a hospital grade rented pump just to keep up. Even then, the most I could produce in a day was 10-12 ounces, and LM was drinking 20 ounces a day. I could not continue the pumping schedule when I went back to work.

    The decision for me to stop was gut wrenching and there was a ton of guilt involved. Luckily, no one gave me any shit for it, not even strangers.

    But I still think how incosiderate it is that someone should comment on it as if this isn’t an emotionally charged topic.

  • i commend any woman who even attempts to bf for a day. i had a lactation consultant make me feel guilty as we were never able to latch without a shield and she basically told me i am lucky to be living now because 100 years ago without pumps and shields my baby would be dead. needless to say i didn’t use her services anymore. i pumped for 14 weeks before my second battle with mastisis which landed me in the hospital at which point i decided to wean from the machine.

    congrats to you for making it as long as you did.

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