My TV!!!

standard February 20, 2006 Leave a response

As I was writing my other, oh so serious post, something horrible happened.
My TV went ‘poof’ and the picture went out.
Poof… no Grey’s Anatomy tonight.
Poof… no Charmed.
Poof… no Sesame Street in the morning for C while I pump.
Poof… just a blank orange wall for us to watch.

It’s oh so very sad.
Thank goodness Tivo is recording everything.
Hopefully soon my sad keening will clue M into the fact that something needs to be done to remedy this sad sad situation*.

*He wants to hold out until we have enough money for a Flat screenHDTV.
I’ve told him he can’t have that until he signs a contract for a job in the fall. (It’s something of an incentive.)
If he knows what’s good for him, he won’t wait until then!

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