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standard February 28, 2006 1 response

I had a brilliant post prepared. It was going to win blog awards for being so witty and insightful. But I can’t remember a word of it. Heck, I can’t even remember what it was about!

Instead, I shall regale you with my thoughts about this Sunday’s Grey’s Anatomy episode. It made me sad. I checked the writer’s blog, but despite all the rationale, I’m still sad. I know that George had to go through all that to grow up and move on… but still, that was sad. Poor George. Where do I sign up to console him?

Oh yeah! I remember now! It was going to be about my inability to do what I know I need to do to get back to the weight I want to be! Oh well… I’ll get dorkiest blog awards instead of wittiest blog awards.

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  • I write posts in my head all the time that are wonderful, insiteful, funny, you name it. Then I get busy. And forget. So I bought a little notebook to keep in my purse to write all the witty ideas down. But I don’t have a pen in there….

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