The Middle Place – 31 Days of Great Books – Book 15

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Book 15
The Middle Place, by Kelly Corrigan
Today’s book is brought to you in honor of the mammogram I had this morning and the lengthy time I spent in the waiting room as the doctor reviewed my films. As someone who has been a caregiver for a while now, few things fill me with fear more than the thought of being stripped of my strength and ability to be there for my family members. Little brings to light the realization that we’re all a lump away from becoming the person needing care more than 45 minutes in a women’s imaging center.
Kelly Corrigan was a mom, like me, living in the Bay Area, like me, living happily in the “middle place” where you are still a child (to your parents) and an adult (to your kids), when she discovered she had a lump. She ran to her parents for comfort and discovered that her father had also just been diagnosed with cancer. 
Cue a gorgeous and incredibly relatable memoir about having to grow up and become your own caregiver while also going through that transformative shift when parents start needing to be cared for rather than being the people who dispense care. 

Read this book if: You want to read a hope filled book about cancer that will make you yearn to be half as real and honest as Kelly should a similar situation befall you. You love reading memoirs by genuine people who aren’t ashamed to show things as they were rather than how they wished they were.

Would this make a good book club book? Without a doubt, especially for an all women’s group. You’ll be able to cover topics like the universal caregiver role that sees to always fall on the women’s shoulders, being a sick mom, cancer in general, and growing up. You might need extra chocolate for this one.

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