Be The Hero – 31 Days of Great Books – Book 18

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Book 18
Be The Hero, by Noah Blumenthal
Years ago a publisher’s PR representative sent me a pitch. It was nothing special. One of many I receive every day. But for some reason, I agreed to review the book and promptly forgot it was coming. 
The book arrived and I glanced at it, thinking it would probably go join the teetering pile of books awaiting my attention, instead, something caught my attention and I slid it onto my night stand. 
That night, I cracked it open and started reading it. Within minutes I was hooked and telling M that he was going to love it. 
Now, let’s be clear, when you have a husband who would much rather peruse science articles than any book, trying to get him to read something, anything, is like pulling teeth. For every book I have ever told him he would enjoy he has picked up exactly… well… one. 
This one. 
I was tired that night and fell asleep early. M snagged the book from me and started flipping through it. The next morning, when I asked him how far he’d gotten, assuming he would have gone to sleep around 10 as usual, he replied

“I finished it around 2:30. Oh, and I’m not afraid to get on the plane this morning.”

I’m pretty rarely rendered speechless, but that morning all I could do was gape. M’s fear of flying had always shaped our travel plans. We drove to LA and cruised to Mexico on our honeymoon just so he wouldn’t have to deal with the angst that flying caused him. So that sentence was truly astounding. 
And not said in jest at all.
Now, I’m not saying that Noah Blumenthal’s book is going to be so transcendent for everyone who reads it. But it’s short, impactful, and definitely worth reading. Each chapter will give you something to think about and I’m willing to bet that you’ll walk away with a slightly, or maybe highly, different way of looking at people and your interactions with them.

Please note: I first wrote about this book back in 2009. And again in 2010.

Read this book if: You want to take control of your happiness and your interactions with people. You’re curious about a book that could change someone’s life with just one read-through.

Would this book make a good book club book? Possibly. Especially if your book club members like to discuss relationships, or better ways to live life.

Want to read the other books on this list? Here they are!

Note: Links to books are affiliate links. If you purchase something on Amazon after clicking the links you’ll be helping to fund my book buying habit. My husband will be very grateful.

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