A snowy after-Christmas

standard December 28, 2009 1 response

When we arrived in Ohio last Sunday morning, the world was covered in a thin white film of fine powdery snow. A cheery snowman greeted us from the front lawn and we smiled at the novelty of it all. It was a balmy 50 F when we left San Francisco the night before.

But our dreams of a white Christmas were foiled by a ton of rain that fell on the county on Christmas eve. I thought for sure that we were done with the snow, that the girls would have to wait for another trip to Tahoe to try their hands at building a snowman or sledding again.

I was wrong. I took this picture five minutes ago, moments before heading to bed. The world is once again blanketed in soft while snow and tomorrow morning I sense that there’s going to be much gleeful snowball throwing and snowman building.

Stay tuned for pictures! The only bummer is that M took off thirty minutes after the snow started to fall. Instead of playing in the cold with us tomorrow he’ll be heading back to work. Poor M.

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  • I’m not sure I want anymore snow. Last week we got so much snow in KY that we had no power or water for 6 days. Happy late holidays 🙂

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