Weekly Winners – Summer has finally arrived

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Last weekend we stuck around at home instead of heading over the mountains to the beach. So, for the first time this summer, we were able to break out our brand new inflatable wading pool.
It’s very cute and the girls wasted no time stripping and diving in. Then they jumped right back out because the water was frigid, but an hour or so later they were back in and in they stayed.

Well, mostly in…
The cute pool has flowers that spray water.
This was more or less well received.
It’s one way to fill a cup.
Mommy was very attentive during all this splashing around.
And daddy was distracted with the gorgeous peaches.
We finally got them out to go celebrate America’s birthday.
This too was more or less well received.
We never saw fireworks.
But balloon animals are clearly just as awe inspiring.
And make quite the trophy to cart home.

Happy Weekly Winners. I hope you enjoyed my selection of pictures and that you’ll head over to Sarcastic Mom’s site to see other fabulous shots.

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