From the mouths of babes

standard October 30, 2008 1 response

I like to think that I speak Kidease quite fluently. I understand where C and Little L are coming from most of the time. I usually have a good sense of what’s bothering them or what’s exciting them, and yet sometimes my little 3 year old says something that catches me completely off guard, and reminds me that I still see the world through very fixed “grown-up” eyes.

“Mommy, you are in so much trouble.” C’s very condemning voice came from the backseat.
“I am? What did I do?”
“You forgot to take me to the lessens again! Silly mommy.”
“Oh, right, the piano lessons! I have to sign you up for those. Are you sure you want to learn to play the piano?”
“Mohhhmeeee, I know how to play the piano.” She said, in her best exasperated teenage voice.
“Right. Right. But, you might want to learn how to play music on the piano.”
“I know how to play music. I play my music.”
“Oh. Right. But it might be fun to learn to play other people’s music. No?”

That’s the kind of thinking that keeps the world turning. And isn’t it inspiring to remember that there isn’t a set way to use the tools that our ancestors have gifted us.

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  • Indeed, isn’t it a beautiful thing? I love hearing about these conversations. I’m constantly amazed at what my son remembers from years ago (and he’s only 4), and frequently tongue tied when trying to explain things to him.

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