Text #0098476 to help this contestant win! Or something

standard July 2, 2008 5 responses

OK. That’s a total joke. There’s absolutely no texting involved. In fact, please don’t text me. We don’t have a fancay unlimited texting plan and M gets a little, uh, excited (and not in a good way) when I pass the “free text” limit. Which I do. Often. And I know we could get one of those fancy plans, but really, we are SO done negotiating anything with the company that may or may not rhyme with horizon and we’re just biding our time when we can get out of our contract. Then! And only then will I have a fancy coolio unlimited texting plan and maybe an even fancier smarty pants phone (but M doesn’t know how much I covet one, so shhhh don’t tell him. Oh. Hi M! Didn’t see you over there. Ahem.)

Whoah. Way to get sidetracked. Where was I going with this post? Why do you people let me blog after two three glasses of wine?

Oh! Right! I remember now. I was going to tell you all about Blogging Idol! See, the peeps at Daily Blog Tips (awesome site by the way) have started a feed reader contest. The goal is simple, every contestant has a month to gain as many new feed readers as possible. The person who gains the most wins. And wins big $1500. I know! Right?

Now for the good parts.
1) As you can tell by that handy dandy widget up there to the right I have 1 lovely, wonderful reader who subscribes to my blog. (And yes, I do know who she is. She’s lovely. Didn’t I just say that?) So really I can only go up. And you all can help! Subscribe to my blog’s feed and maybe I’ll win! And be the Blogging Queen. Or something.
2) If I win I’m sharing the winnings with one lucky subscriber. No joke. I know none of you are above a little big bribe. So go ahead, subscribe to my feed, and leave me a comment at the end of this post. If I win I’ll share my winnings. Tell your friends and come back and tell me in a comment! (One comment per friend told!) Each comment you leave on this post increases your chances of winning with me.

So? Who’s with me? Click here and subscribe!

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5 responses

  • sub scribed! ๐Ÿ™‚ (And you dun have to share anything with me. I lurrrrrve you!)

  • Anna B

    Okay… So I subscribed but it still only says one subscriber? I received the confirmation email and put you on my google homepage. Yes I love you that much. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I hope it will update or something…..

  • Your counter only applies to people reading your feedburner feed. My google reader (expanded view/show details) shows that you have 26 subscribers – one of which is me. I’m subscribed to your atom feed, which is provided by Blogger.

  • Sun

    Am I your subscriber? You’re on my Google Reader…do I need to do something else to subscribe?

  • Oh Hi!! I’ve been subscribed for months! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hey, we need to talk about commuting to BlogHer!


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