Things that suck and things that don’t.

standard January 23, 2008 3 responses

Things that suck:
– Babies with RSV. (Wheeze, wheeze.)
– Cats who still can’t pee. (Guess who gets to go back to the vet tomorrow!)
– Headlights that don’t work all of a sudden for no reason. (WTF?)
– Worrying about money. (Gah.)
– Rain. Enough with the bloody rain! (Double gah.)
– Having to give your cat subcutaneous fluid (Think I.V. needle, but under the skin instead. Ew. Double ew.)
– Diets. Diets SUCK. (I want CHEESE. and Guacamole. and Ice Cream!)
– No more ice cream. (WAHHHH)
– Friends who are anywhere but right here. (Double wahhh)

Things that don’t suck:
– Getting to stay home for the rest of the week. (OK. So the baby is sick, but at least we get to cuddle and not go to work!)
– Cats who aren’t dead.
– Friends who are here.
– Husbands who are loving and supportive.
– A lone ice cream carton in the back of the fridge.
– Toddler kisses.
– Brand new ($5.99!) flannel sheets. Thank you Mir!
– A baby who is going to sleep at 8 p.m. rather than 10, and who, last night slept from 10 until 3:30. (Except a little hiccup at 12, but M handled it so that doesn’t count. Smirk.)
– A rumor that a certain coworker who has been making your life miserable for years might be leaving come summer. (Insert happy dance here.)
– Being tagged for a meme! (I’m getting to it. I promise!)
– Having a blog that people actually read. I love each and every one of you. Even the ones who end up here because they need help with their 1999 Jeep Cherokee. (Sorry. I can’t help. Didn’t you read line three up there?)

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