So much for resting

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When I went to bed last night I was starting to feel icky. By the time I woke up this morning I truly felt like crap. I figured that I would take C to her 10:30am check-up and then drop her off at daycare, leaving me free to sleep the rest of the day, and this cold, away.


Instead of telling me that C was all done with the nebulizer treatment and prednisone, she instead said that she thought that C needed an extra treatment today and we should have an extra day of prednisone. Yay! K, the daycare provider, doesn’t feel comfortable giving C her treatments. So C came home with me, and my all day nap day vanished.

It wasn’t all bad however. C was a little less crazy than yesterday and we spent some nice quality time together. Our lives are always so harried that I never get to just enjoy her, and God knows there’s a lot to enjoy!
Tomorrow I go back to work and she will go to daycare, but today it was just C and me.

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