T’was a very very good weekend

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Not only was this a three day weekend, but this was the first weekend in a loooonnnnggggg time that we did not teach Sunday School. To all extents and purposes it actually felt like a short vacation. And t’was lovely.

T’was also busy. In fact there were quite a few bloggable events. (Bloggable events clearly marking the value of a day or weekend.)
On Saturday I had a girls day/afternoon out with a close friend. Later M and I watched our niece for the evening.
Things that I should blog about:
– C fell off a stool at a shoe store making me feel like the worst mom around. She wasn’t hurt, but really, really upset. (You know that little voice that tells you that something isn’t safe? Sometimes it’s worth listening to it.)
– Sister-in-law showed up to hand over niece, G, while C was still screaming like someone had tried to kill her. (oh wait, she fell off a stool onto her head, maybe the screams were justified…)
– C had her first jealousy tantrum at Fresh Choice because G got to have a cup with a straw and got to sit in the booth instead of in a high chair. Justice was served when C got her own cup and got to stand next to daddy. I still think it’s hilarious.

On Sunday we went to Ikea to get shelf type things for the garage. Then we proceeded to clean out said garage.
Things I should blog about:
– The sheer amount of useless crap that we have kept over the years. The sheer amount of useless crap that we just left in boxes and put on new shelves.
I wish I had taken before and after shots. The garage looks fantastic. Sometimes before we get into the car we dance around the clean garage a little. (Of course there’s room, you don’t think we keep the cars in the garage do you?)

On Monday M cleaned out the hot tub.
Things I should blog about:
– The fact that we declared that the hot tub had reached pond status long before discovering that there were thousands of tadpoles living in it. (This I know you are sad I didn’t take a picture of!)
– The fact that after emptying the water and ‘shocking’ the clean water with industrial quantities of bromide and other horrible stuff there are still some tadpoles in the water. I keep checking up on them in a horrified and awestruck way. I truly think that soon we will have some weird frog mutants living in there. (Yes we saw X-men yesterday, what’s your point?)
– The fact that last night I had a rabbi babysit for us while we went on a date.
– The sad, sad fact that we are so old and sad that our Mexican dinner and one margharita kept us up half the night. Man oh man where has our youth gone?

How sad is it that I think of my life as a series of bloggable events yet can’t find the time or energy to even blog about them?

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