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Me – 30 something writer mama trying to balance kids, life, and her passion without falling too far back on laundry. So far I’m failing on the laundry, but doing pretty well with the rest.

M – Darling husband since August 25, 2002, best friend since July 24, 1999. He’s cute, funny, and best of all he gets me better than anyone else in the world.

C – First born daughter. Arrived by c-section after 28 hours of labor on May 17, 2005, three days after her due date. Despite the section they still had to use the ventouse to get her out. To this day she prefers doing everything the unconventional way.

Little L – Second born daughter. Arrived by c-section on July 31, 2007. She also required a little ventouse action before agreeing to exit the womb. She’s still doing her best to do everything her big sister does while staying firmly attached to me.

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    How could you not have the perfect life play with such a perfect cast.

    /prevail 🙂

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